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Pasquale De Palma

Italien - Guardia di Finanza - Comando Provinciale Bari - Compagnia Trani - I -

Todesursache Verkehrsunfall
Todestag 3.Dezember.2008
Alter 44 Jahre
Dienstjahre unbekannt
Waffe --

Maresciallo Pasquale De Palma was killed in an automobile incident on Corato - Bisceglie Provincial Road, in Apulia.
The driver of a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction lost the control on the wet road, hydroplaned and caused a head- on collision with the maresciallo De Palmas patrol car. De Palma and three occupants of the other car died in the incident.
A second officer ad a fourth occupant of the other vehicle were injured in the crash.


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