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Maurice Anthony Eden

United Kingdom Police Unit - UKU-Cyprus - GB -
Todesursache erschossen
Todestag 17.Dezember.1956
Alter 23 Jahre
Dienstjahre unbekannt
Waffe Revolver

Am 17. Dezember 1956, starb er als sein Revolver, den er immer geladen und aufgerichtet
hielt - fiel aus seiner Pistolentasche. Die Waffe ging ab und eine Kugel aufwärts durch sein Kinn.

Er wurde mit einem Hubschrauber zum britischen Militärkrankenhaus in Nicosia geflogen,
dort wurde nach der Ankunft nur noch der tot festgestellt.


During the august shoot-out in the hospital in which Sgt Leonard Demmon, aged 23 and two hospital
employees was killed by Eoka members, Sergeant Maurice Anthony Eden used his pistol to kill two of the
intruding Eoka-men.

Following the hospital incident, Field Marshal Sir John Harding strongly advised Eden to return with
to the United Kingdom, with his wife Stella (nee Kenny), a policewoman who left the Service to be with
him in Cyprus.

As Harding said Eden should return home as Eoka would make him a marked man, but the sergeant was a very
determined and self willed person and ignored the advice.

He was recommended for the George Medal. Tragically however, on 17 December, just one day before the
confirmation in the London Gazette of his award, he died.
His revolver, which he always kept loaded and cocked - fell from his shoulder holster. The weapon went
off and a bullet shot upwards through his chin.

He was flown by helicopter to the British Military Hospital in Nicosia, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

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