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Sovrintendente Capo
Francesco Niutta

Italien - Polizia di Stato - EUPM ( European Union Police Mission) - I -

Todesursache Verkehrsunfall
Todestag 20.November.2003
Alter 45 Jahre
Dienstjahre unbekannt
Waffe --

Rome 21 November 2003

Minister Frattini today expressed his condolences for the death of Chief Superintendent of the State Police Francesco Niutta, killed yesterday in an automobile accident in Bosnia where he was working in the service of the Italian contingent of the European Union police operation (EUPM).

The mission is composed of approximately 500 units, 50 or so of which are Italians, who have been assisting Bosnian police since the beginning of this year in improving their level of quality and in bringing it up to European standards. This is an operation decided by the Council of the European Union and on the request of the Bosnian Authorities, in the framework of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP).

Minister Frattini has expressed deep appreciation and solidarity for the broad-based commitment of our police and Carabinieri to the EUPM and to other police missions abroad.

Appreciation for the work carried out by the deceased, as well as condolences, were received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Defence Policy (CFSP), Javier Solana.

Sovrintendente Capo Francesco Niutta was surived by his wife and son.


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