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João Marouco

Portugal - Guarda Nacional Republicana - Grupo Territorial do Faro - P -

Todesursache Sprengstoffexplosion
Todestag 19.Juli.2007
Alter 39 Jahre
Dienstjahre unbekannt
Waffe --

The burst was controlled and the officers expert, but something went wrong yesterday, the operation of the GNR on Tavira Field Firing Range. A powerful explosion killed a sergeant and wounded four officers, two of them seriously. Sargento Marouco was team leader of Equipa de Inactivação de Engenhos Explosivos (Team Explosive Inactivation) of the GNR Grupo Teritorial of Faro.

Sargento João Marouco, 39, died instantly. The two officers seriously injured suffered burns on about 50% of the body, including hands, face and chest. The two injured people suffered light bruises and minor burns. They were all transported to the Faro District Hospital, the light and the ambulance helicopter in a serious of the National Civil Protection. In the closing hours of this issue, the latter were being ventilated and stabilized in the hospital in the capital of the Algarve. A helicopter from the heliport INEM waiting with all the medical team prepared to evacuate them to hospitals in Santa Maria and São José in Lisbon.

Sargento Marouco was survived by his wife.


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